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  • Why choose RHIZA?

    It’s proved to improve profitability and productivity in every field. Already in use on over 500,000 hectares in the UK alone, and over 1,000,000 across Europe and Africa, RHIZA brings together years of R&D with the precision farming expertise of SoilQuest and IPF.

  • From satellite to soil to seed to crop

    Advanced optical NDVI imagery with the highest resolution and best frequency available on the market. Radar satellite analysis that is unaffected by weather or cloud conditions.

  • Easy to use

    Make better decisions, faster with our market-leading Contour software and mobile app.

  • The future of farming is in your hands

    You’ll get a dedicated and qualified account manager from day one to tailor a package completely personalised to you

“Digital agriculture is here, it is your farm, in your hands.
With RHIZA I can keep ahead but still stay a hands-on farmer.”

Duncan Lee

How it works

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    Choose your package

    RHIZA is designed for all farms. And so is our pricing. From a small holding, to a large estate. Choose what’s right for you.

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    Receive detailed data

    You’ll get unique satellite data, crop growth models, hyper local weather data and pest and disease models, allowing the creation of management zones and improved in field decision making.

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    Start planning

    The Contour web app and interface allows you to create nutrient plans, seed rate maps and identify areas requiring cultivation management.

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    Start growing

    RHIZA helps you and your agronomist make more informed and accurate decisions.

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