You’ll get access to our expertise and knowledge as well as our Contour web interface and app.

It’s the simplest way to get the optimum yield from every field.

Hyper local weather data

Highly advanced weather models provide temperature, wind speed, soil moisture, soil temperature and field accessibility.

NDVI imagery

High resolution NDVI that allows the best in field decision making.

Soil Brightness Mapping

Map soil variation using high resolution satellite imagery and EC scanning to measure electroconductivity while passing each field, determining the soil variations at two depths.

Variable Rate Planning

Produce variable rate lime, seed, P&K and nitrogen plans easily and intuitively.


Predicted crop GAI.

Growth Stage Prediction

Ensure more accurate application timings and planning.

Pest & Disease Models

Analyse and predict pest and disease pressure.

Yield Potential

Predicting the yield of your fields.


You’ll get a dedicated and qualified account manager from day one to tailor a package completely personalised to you.


Every farmer and agronomist has their own encrypted passwords.The data is encrypted too so the farmer and the agronomist are protected. And if that farmer ever wants to leave with his data he can download and take it.

“I can’t be in every field, every day, every week but with this technology we can target the areas we really need to”

Sandy Allison

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