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RHIZA is serious about service. Local account managers directly support you and your farm, helping to deliver your chosen level of service combined with the Contour platform and Contour Mobile. Gain access to the latest information about your farm in three simple steps.


Select the digital package that is best for you

Get the most accurate information and advice you need, in the ways you need it, precisely when you need it. With four packages available, you can start at any level to suit your business.

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Add your required service level

Set your preferred level of involvement. Want to use Contour at a basic level? No problem. Want to make every decision count? We’re ready to help.

If you are on the Premier package, expert advice from your account manager is already included, but for those on Essential and Advanced who want to save the time of running your own plans, and want to have the support and expertise of an account manager, just let us know. If you are happy with Base, we will always be available to provide support remotely.


Choose your fieldwork requirement (optional)

As you know, it all starts with your soil.

Maximise field productivity and identify in-field variation in three simple steps.

The power of fieldwork


Use high resolution satellite images provided with one of our four packages to determine the variation within your fields. Take action by identifying the cause of the variation through soil evaluation.


Determine the right way to manage every field with one of our three methods available,
allowing you to choose the right option for your farm.


Sample each zone individually and identify the true variation. This will allow you to make the final decision on your nutrient or seed management plans, based on what is really happening in your field.

Explore digital packages


The Base package is the entry point into precision farming. Improve in-field decision making with our range of powerful tools.


Every membership includes

Satellite imagery

We source satellite imagery to assess the
crop biomass, health and performance. This imagery can be used to create management zones and variable rate applications, subject to the package you have chosen.

Weather data

The satellite and radar data we source is
accurate up to 1km² and provides you with decision making tools such as when to drill based on soil temperature, or surface windspeed to plan your optimum spray window.

Pest & disease forecasting

Our P&D models can be used to better plan applications. They are weather driven, providing detailed forecasting at your individual farm level. All models are R&D led and supported by Agrii trials.

Mobile scouting app

Our scouting app Contour Mobile provides
quick access to in-field observations and
satellite imagery, enabling targeted crop
walking. Aid communication and joint
decision making by sharing findings with
your agronomist.

Crop growth models

We derive crop growth stage estimations
from radar satellite imagery, weather data and drilling dates. These also tell you more information about the crop structure, such as Leaf Area Index (LAI) and biomass helping you to determine crop growth stage and yield potential.

Soil data

Soil information such as classification,
organic matter and calcium levels are provided by Cranfield and James Hutton Institute. Integrate your farm’s historical soil data onto the platform at any time.


The Essential package provides simple access to variable rate planning and also includes all the Base features. Choose either nutrient (N, P&K, Lime) or seed as an option to improve establishment and optimise inputs. Choosing the Advanced package gives you access to planning for two inputs and maximises the benefits you receive.


Every membership includes


Easily create variable rate seed plans based on chosen imagery layer or other data available. Address variation in your soil and improve establishment.


React to crop variance in season with biomass imagery. Optimise nitrogen applications to target spend. Choose to variably apply other P&K or lime products based on the soil nutrient levels.

Optional support

The Essential and Advanced packages can be supported by a dedicated FACTS qualified account manager to interpret the data and assist with the decision making throughout the year.


The Premier package offers an integrated approach to optimising all inputs and includes all of the Base, Essential and Advanced features. This package is serviced by an account manager who will work with you to maximise your investment, incorporating our full precision and digital package.


Every membership includes

Nutrient management plan

Apply the same level of thought and
accuracy to your seed and nutrition, as you do your crop protection applications.
Fieldwork is essential to create a nutrient
management plan. Upload soil sampling data at any time, or speak to a RHIZA account manager to book your fieldwork.

Digital Technology Farms

The ten national DTFs are a way to demonstrate and test the benefits of RHIZA and host further
development of digital and data-based
information systems. Our account managers have access to these latest results, so they can provide you with the best advice based on
precision and Agrii R&D data.


Remain compliant with support from a FACTS qualified advisor, to sign off any nutrient management plans created.

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RHIZA provides independent, stand-alone services to support your business. You can start at any level to suit your farm.

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