Contour users benefit from GCVI imagery for late season applications


MAY, 2019

Release Note

As we enter the final stages of the growing season, growers are planning final applications on crops.

At this late stage of the season, the NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index) images become saturated on developed crops.
By swapping to GCVI imagery (green chlorophyll vegetation index) in either Contour or the Toolbox, growers can assess variation in the nitrogen status and chlorophyll content of their crop. With its ability to highlight variation in late crops, GCVI is more effective for late season applications.

Creating a variable rate nitrogen plan using GCVI imagery can help to even protein levels across the field, by targeting higher yield potential areas with more nitrogen to reduce the risk of protein dilution and applying less nitrogen to areas with lower yield potential to reduce the risk of excess protein.

This in-turn improves nitrogen efficiency and ensures maximum return on investment from late nitrogen applications.