Contour by RHIZA

Contour is a simple tool, developed by RHIZA, that gives you access to the best data for smarter daily management of your crops.

From satellite to soil to seed to crop

Your experience, together with Contour’s information and analytics, is the simplest way to maximise yield and economic performance.

Contour is unique, it’s the only platform that uses radar satellite to deliver crop growth models, which are updated automatically and unaffected by cloud or atmospheric conditions.

It’s simple

It’s been designed with agronomists and farmers to give logical and accurate information that you need about your soil, your crop development and environmental changes, in ways that are simple, instinctive and practical to use.

It’s powerful

Backed by Origin Enterprises, who are providing world-class digital tools for markets across the globe. Every user will get a RHIZA specialist to advise you how to get the most out of it.

It helps you and your agronomist work as a team

Contour provides tools to strengthen the partnership on farm.

It unlocks more value in your fields

If you want to unlock more value in your fields, you can unlock the premium version of the Contour service to give you specialist analysis and reports…

“It’s very simple to use, it’s far simpler than other Precision farming tools we’ve had in the past and it will give us enormous benefit in the future”

John Thorne

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RHIZA provides independent, stand-alone services to support your business.

You can start at a level to suit your farm.

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