Experience updated pH mapping, tablet user layout improvements and add custom fertiliser products in Contour


AUGUST, 2021

Release Notes

The most recent updates to Contour have been designed to make life simpler for users, whether you’re working at your desk or out in the field! Enhanced usability comes with additional functionality across the platform, streamlining plans and simplifying data interpretations in the ‘Maps and analysis’ and ‘Cropping’ pages.

Here’s a rundown of all the latest improvements:

  • Updated colour legend in ‘Maps and analysis’ ensures that the pH scale is easier to interpret, making it simpler to identify areas of concern
  • Improved layout featuring a new collapsible menu on the ‘Cropping’ page for tablet users provides better use of space when making changes to cropping on the go
  • Users can now add custom fertiliser products directly into the Contour platform. Create plans from sampled data results and image-based planning that enable precision applications on each field
  • Several other performance improvements that have refreshed the platform look, feel and speed

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