Manage soil health in Contour


APRIL, 2020

Release Note

  • View soil analysis results across your whole farm
  • Analyse historical results
  • Monitor changes in nutrient levels

The new ‘Soil’ page enables you to view soil nutrition data at a zone and field level across your farm. Using this data, you can view your latest and historical soil analysis results and monitor changes in soil index since the last soil analysis, to assess whether current nutrient management practices are sustainable.

Precision and whole field soil sampling is available to all Contour users. Speak to your RHIZA account manager today.

Soil analysis data can be found on the new ‘Soil’ page next to ‘Planning’. You can filter by ‘Field’, ‘Zone’, or ‘Analysis date’. P, K, Mg and pH data is available, alongside the option to expand rows to show previous analysis results – turn on ‘Show changes’ from the settings button to display index changes.