RHIZA is here to support farmers


MARCH, 2020


In these challenging times, we are committed to supporting our industry and communities.  We’ve taken measures to maintain our support and supply, while protecting the health and wellbeing of our customers, employees, and their families.

We also want to make a greater contribution to our industry and agricultural communities.  In recognition of this, RHIZA have agreed to make many of our services open to all of our customers at no charge.  We will provide the industry’s highest resolution satellite imagery, and our Septoria pressure models, to farmers and growers at zero cost for the duration of the current restrictions.  This will give farmers and agronomists a better ability to identify in-field variation and to collaborate to identify and resolve issues, while supporting our societal objective to minimise travel and personal contact.

At RHIZA, we believe this is a time where communities need to come together and provide support to all of our farming family.  As part of our contribution to this, and our wider society, we would like to extend this offer to any farmers requiring help across the UK.  We would like to invite any farmers who feel they would benefit from this offer to get in touch with their local RHIZA team to find out how we can help them or contact us via our website.

Contact us today at:

Email info@rhizadigital.co.uk

Call 03300 949150