Introducing… Whole Field Seed Planning in Contour 



JUNE, 2023

Release Notes

The new Contour Whole Field Seed Planning tool is now available, enabling all customers to experience the benefits of digital seed planning and calculate the precise amount of seed they need to order.

Users can now create a single multi-crop plan for the whole farm in an easy process that offers accuracy, control and simplicity.

      What’s new:
      • Available to all RHIZA customers from the Contour seed homepage
      • Multiple crops can be included in a single whole farm plan
      • Plan unit can be set to use kg/ha, seeds/m2, or seeds/ha
      • Base rates for the plan can be set by crop, variety, or field
  • Simple, intuitive, rule-based planning tool
  • Scouted observations can be added (mobile or desktop)
  • Additional areas of interest can be added as free-draw polygons
  • View total seed required per variety
  • Review seed map to check rates by field
  • Edit map and manually adjust rates
  • Bulk adjust to round total seed required up or down
  • Export seed requirement and jobsheet reports
  • Upgrade to Whole Field Plus to get GPS files for basic VR planning

Log in to Contour to check out the updates today, and please send any feedback you may have to to help us improve.