Soil-Based Seed Planning – now available in Contour


JULY, 2023

Release Notes

The new Contour Soil-Based Seed Planning tool is now available, adding further precision to seed planning in addition to all the features in Whole Field Seed Planning.

Users can now quickly build a plan for each farm that includes all crops, using soil data, historical observations and drawn polygons to vary seed rates across zones. Download job report showing seed rate maps, rules, and seed totals by crop/variety as well as GPS files.

What’s new?

  • Accessible for VR subscribed accounts from the Contour Seed Homepage
  • Base rates for the plan can be set by crop, variety or field
  • Add rules to increase or decrease seed applied
  • Soil texture, drainage, stone content and other data layers can be used
  • Layer appropriate soil map displays to provide visual context to rule building
  • Any number of rules can be added to a plan
  • Exceptions allow you to set conditions that override other rules
  • Observation-based rules enable you to factor in issues and problem areas identified when scouting
  • Draw new polygons within seed planning and specify rates
  • View total seed required per variety
  • Review the seed map to check rates by field and polygon
  • Seed rates for each area can be tweaked by manually adjusting rates
  • Bulk adjustments enable you to round total seed required up or down, applying changes to all or specific fields
  • Plans can be exported as job sheets and files downloaded in your desired GPS format

Log in to Contour to check out the updates today, and please send any feedback you may have to to help us improve.